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Consign/ Sell Your Clothes

Don't just toss it - pad our maternity closet!  Offering affordable maternity clothing to expecting moms is what we do, so Second Peek Maternity Boutique is always looking to add to our inventory by buying or consigning gently used maternity clothes.  Popular items include designer maternity jeans, trendy maternity dresses and stylish, yet comfortable nursing wear.

You can add your pre-loved maternity clothes to our trousseau through selling or consignment.  Share your style with fellow pregnant fashionistas by emailing us at ''.  A Second Peek Maternity Boutique representative will contact you and send you a copy of the Inventory List in which you can list the items that you have to offer.

Sell to Our Shop!

Get money up front by selling your gently used maternity clothes and accessories to Second Peek Maternity Boutique.  Your clothes will be purchased directly from you, without waiting to see if your fashion castaways will sell.

Email us at '' to clear your closet today!

Consign Your Clothes

Second Peek Maternity Boutique also offers a consignment option.  The Boutique will post your pregnant apparel and will give you a percentage of the sale once the item sells.

Here is how it works:

  1. The consignment period is 150 days.
  2. All clothing and accessories must be in near-new or excellent used condition with size and brand labels attached.  Clothing with buttons missing, tears, stains, odors, noticeable fading, or piling will not be accepted.  All clothing must be smoke-free.
  3. Clothing must be either freshly dry cleaned or laundered and pressed.
  4. Second Peek Maternity will set the pricing for all items.
  5. Second Peek Maternity may discount any item at any time, at up to 60% off.
  6. The consignor will receive 40% of the actual selling price for each piece of merchandise that is a store brand. *
  7. The consignor will receive 50% of the actual selling price for each piece of merchandise that is considered a designer label. *
  8. The consignor is responsible for all shipping costs to and from Second Peek Maternity Boutique.

NOTE: Second Peek Maternity Boutique is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items.

* All terms and conditions are stated in the Consignment Contract.  This includes the agreed upon commission rates.

Once we have evaluated the Inventory List and have agreed to a list of items to buy or consign, you may ship your items to us.

 Please note that any clothing that has noticeable stains, tears or wear, or is not in its stated condition will not be accepted.  We do not accept non-maternity brands.  The consignor or seller will be responsible for all shipping costs to return unacceptable items.

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